Short and sweet - BoldrDash

When I began writing these weekly blogs at the start of November I didn’t plan them to be a personal reflection.  However at dinner on Thanksgiving a few days ago the plan shifted and I ended up there none-the-less.

I began to reflect on the past few years and I realized that since my family members began participating in BoldrDash events together we had all become closer as a family.  Having more in common had began to encourage us to do more activities together.  We were bonding in new and different ways – both on and off the course.

Over the past four years I have listened to many runners as they share stories with me of how participating in a BoldrDash event had changed their lives.  On Thanksgiving I realized that my family and I were creating life changing stories of our own and it was a great feeling.

Looking forward into 2015, I can’t wait to experience more (on and off the course) adventures with myfamily, friends and BoldrDash runners (many of which have now become friends).  BoldrDash events do change lives, and now more than ever I am grateful they do.

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