Our Obstacles

Pallet Cleanser

Climb the pallet until your feet are off the ground, then shimmy under until you can climb up the second side. Transition to the next pallet until you are through all three.


Climb to the top of the rope and ring the bell using only your hands and feet. Can you ring the bell before the rope flips?

Spider Walls

Hands here – Feet there and shimmy!

Kiss My Grips

Complete the rig using two pegs to transition elements. The tough part? Do it without your feet touching the ground. 


Weave through this military-style obstacle without touching the ground – a definite upper body push!

Tire Hurdles

These hurdles are not as easy as they seem – the tires swing and move as you go over offering an extra fun challenge.

Tire Swing

Deceptively difficult – the tire swing will challenge even the most elite athlete as they attempt to get to the other side all while tapping into your inner child. Swing like Tarzan from tire to tire.

Canopy Wall

Jump up on the wall, grab canopy, and muscle up to the landing. Then climb down the back side of the wall.

PVC Traverse

Choose your tube, choose your challenge. Different lengths and sizes on these tubes create a new challenge each time you go through.

Parallel Bars

Different strokes for different folks. We’ve seen some really interesting techniques from folks trying to get across this great multi-length obstacle.

Bermuda Triangle

Rope Climb, Rope Traverse, Floating Walls, Rope Ladder, Cargo Net Traverse – 5 elements in one – can you complete them all without touching the ground?

Monkey Bars

Regular grip, fat grip, and an angled section add to this 16 foot long challenge.


Will you choose to Push or Pull to spool in the Tractor Tire? Don’t forget, you’re not finished until you drag the tire back to the start.


Climb a ten-foot wall and enter the tube-shaped cargo net – after crawling through the net to the other side, slide down the fireman’s pole like the hero you are!

Floating Walls

Boldr Run

No BoldrDash would be complete without this signature obstacle!

Handy Man

Get your Ninja Grip ready and traverse across!

Pallet Cleanser

This obstacle takes on the best OCR has to offer on hanging walls. With multiple styles mixed in this rig, it will take some time to determine how to traverse this challenge.

Horizontal Peg Board

Removable Pegs make this wall quite the challenge!

Vertical Peg Board

Tire Wall

On this obstacle, you will scale the tires up 12 feet and climb down the slatted wall on the other side.

Double Up

Destroyer Wannabe


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