Hear Directly From Our Participants

“I wanted to die while doing it (the bootcamp wreck bag challenge) but I didn’t, and I am so glad I did it!”

Christine (Regular Participant – Challenge Accepter!)

“I came in afraid, not expecting to do the things I did.  So, I am amazed I did it, and I am very proud of myself!”

Liesl (First Time Participant Over 50)

Jimmy Sorell

“Their new obstacles are so much fun, I love Pallet Cleanser, KissMyGrips is tough, I didn’t make it this time but I can see a way to get there.  The ladder is hard, I still haven’t gotten that one yet, still need to figure that out.  It’s a beautiful course, the 5 miles is nice, extended length from years before.  It’s just a good community of people out there.”


David Sylvestre

“As challenging as any course I’ve done in New England at that length. I really like a lot of the new obstacles…are extremely challenging. I didn’t think that I would get through Pallet Cleanser, but I did. I failed on a couple others, but I think that is what makes the race great.  It was fun, it was a great course, I’ll be back!”