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Okay, I admit it.  I’m sure I have looked at menial labor (dull, repetitive, tedious work) as below me at least once in my life.

How about a nice tedious task to start your workday? Imagine two-thousand 2014 BoldrDash finisher medals are delivered to the office. Each medal needs to be unpacked, separated, and de-bagged – just to be re-packaged. Now that is something I cannot wait to sink my teeth into!

However, the completion of these small and seemingly unimportant tasks are integral pieces that contribute to the famous BoldrDash experience that await its participants year after year.

We have been in partnership with J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center since 2012. (check out the blog from September 3, 2014 for more information on our partnership here). This year the consumers who work at the Day Habilitation center in Warwick came to the BoldrDash office and helped out.

Some consumers counted the 2500+ event day t-shirts then separated them by size. Over 8000 pins were placed into 2000 runner’s packets. Sand was shoveled into over 200 buckets that were placed along the course.

It was refreshing to see people do these sometimes daunting tasks, that would leave me drained, actually excited by the process and energized by the experience.  It was incredible to watch the celebration each time they completed a count or finished a task. We shared high fives, great stories, and special handshakes (which I still can’t do correctly). They were happy to be here, happy to be needed and happy to be appreciated for their contribution.

Looking back, menial labor was not what I offered to the consumers of Trudeau Center. What I actually offered was a chance to shine – and shine is what they did!

The next time I am faced with a daunting task I will do my best to approach it with the same enthusiasm. Thank you Trudeau consumers for giving me a new perspective.

Lynn Hall
President, BoldrDash Race LLC

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