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“Our mission is to promote an enhanced quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.”
J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center

In 2012, we were introduced to our Non-Profit Mud Partners, J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center via Pathways Strategic Teaching Center. We have continued to build our partnership each year. It goes beyond a simple donation after the conclusion of the event. I, personally, have been to Pathways and to the Trudeau Center workplace. I have met the individuals that these funds support. BoldrDash holds an event at Olympic Town at Special Olympics in the summer and we get to see some of those same faces as we guide them through our course. This year our partnership blossomed again. When you pick up your racer packet, please remember a Trudeau Center Consumer was employed to pack it. When you take that BoldrDash T-shirt, know that it was a Trudeau Center Consumer employee who counted, folded and prepared them for you to pick up.  At the end of your run when that medal is placed around your neck – again, it was a Trudeau Center Consumer that helped get that medal to the event and prepped it to be placed around your neck. This is something that as President and owner of BoldrDash I could not be more proud of.  We do not simply hand over a donation at the conclusion of our events.  We contribute to the mission of our Non-Profit partners.

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On event day when you look out on the course and throughout the registration, bag check, parking areas etc. many of the faces you will see are folks that work with the these consumers every day.  You will also see some of the Trudeau Consumers helping on Event Day.  On September 13 and 14 2014  you are more than just a runner; you are a supporter. Bebold –

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Lynn Hall,
BoldrDash Race LLC

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