Meet the Find Your Bold Team

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“Helping people overcome obstacles is what I love to do. Seeing the happiness and pride when someone overcomes [an obstacle] truly makes me happy! At the starting line of the Rocky Point Find Your Bold run, I remember being excited and a bit nervous, it was my friend Cheryl’s first OCR. She has never tried anything like this before! I knew that there was going to be moments throughout the race that she was going to have a tough time with but I was looking forward to helping her through it all. Since I [have] joined FYB I try to encourage them to this more. Being local there are more benefits to joining, you get to participate in workouts and be part of something bigger. The team is filled with amazing people and I feel that this experience has improved me. Watching and helping the team members through the race showed me that if help was needed and it may not be the conventional way of doing things, obstacles can be overcome through determination, hard work and [you also have] some really awesome people behind you just in case!”

– Erica | Direct Support Person with 14 years experience and her friend Cheryl


“I loved the concept of having people with [develop]mental and physical barriers
overcome such an incredible challenge like an OCR. My feelings for the team have
grown even more [since I’ve raced with them.]” As an elite athlete Joshua has made a
point to encourage to other to join in the efforts to promote awareness of the Find Your
Bold team. I think as an elite athlete in an incredibly fast growing sport, you have to find
ways to give back to the sport that gives you so much joy. It also reminds you about
how fortunate you are to be physically and mentally strong enough to be an elite athlete.
Finally, it will inspire you to dig in even deeper when you are struggling in both life and
any race. I constantly look back on my time with the team and think about how they
overcame those obstacles and proved anyone that doubted them wrong!”

– Josh | Elite OCR Athlete and FYBold Team

I was anxious [at the start line], fear of the unknown, it was all strange, if it was a flat run it would’ve been no worries but it was far from a flat course. [However] I haven’t felt [camaraderie like this] since I was in the military. It was the first time I had met everyone and they were very welcoming and very friendly. I felt like I was training with a friend. [No one had] limitations everyone was even on that day, it would be nice if society would do that as a whole.

– John| Wounded Veteran

Determined to finish – the feeling was just like ‘wow I’m alive again’ the adrenalin was good just being there at the end watching everyone coming over the finish line just the happy smiles and accomplishment even though life gets in the way you have the strength to try to better yourself that kind of what find your bold mean to me it keeps you pushing. I’m the kind of person that just shuts down and doesn’t look outward for help and knowing that Find Your Bold helped, you know, that I have people out there that I can contact if I ever need something. Being part of team is really important it helps me face obstacles in life knowing well I’m not alone. It felt so good to know I had cancer behind me I had that race behind me thankfully! I just try to push through every day situations. You survive, you do or die

– Josie | Mom of 4 | Cancer Survivor


Team Members are anyone looking to conquer their fears and perceived limitations. Never done an Obstacle Course before? Looking for support along the course?  We are here for you! Email info@fybold.org for more information.


Mentors provide Team Members with emotional support and encouragement along the course.  Email info@fybold.org for more information.


Are you an Obstacle Course enthusiast?  We need Team Guides to show our Team Members how to navigate the course and complete the obstacles.  email Info@fybold.org for more information.

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