Point-based Bootcamp Style Challenge

Find Your Bold

Increasing self esteem through physical activity in a supportive atmosphere


Proceeds from the Challenge benefit the Find Your Bold Organization.


About the Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge is a 6 hour, point based obstacle, trail and workout challenge.

Points are awarded for mileage and obstacle completion with bonus points awarded for accepting additional challenges throughout the day.

These challenges are a mix of physical, mental, and just-for-fun.

Prizes (trophies) are awarded for first, second and third place, MALE/FEMALE and TEAM DIVISION!
Optional Challenges

Optional Challenges


The Ultimate Challenge begins with a run through the obstacle course at Canonicus.

As the day goes on participants will have the option to request ‘challenges’ from volunteers at various stations throughout the trails.

Once a challenge is requested the partcipant must complete the challenge in order to move on through the course.

There is something for everyone at the Ultimate Challenge – Click the link below and get registered today

Back YAHD Challenges

Back YAHD Challenges

Back YAHD Challenges can be just about anything.

  • Hoppy Balls
  • Stilts
  • Potato Sack Run
  • Kan Jam
  • Hacky Sack Play
WorkOut Challenges

WorkOut Challenges

These Challenges can be a quick physical challenge for a few points or longer workout with points that can equal a full lap on the course


Yes it really is that fun.. click the box below and get registered

Surprise Challenges

Surprise Challenges

Surprise Challenges are quick and ‘painless’

They can include things like

  • Singing to another participant
  • Building Blocks/Puzzles
  • Word Games
  • The famous Ice Bucket Challenge
How Points are Awarded

How Points are Awarded

Everything is made up and the Points don’t matter!

OK, that’s not actually true.  However, you never know what a challenge will bring you for points.  Just because it’s a surprise or a back yahd game, don’t think it can’t earn you an advantage over another participant.  These challenges are there to ‘even the playing field’ and can add up fast!

The Challenges throughout the day are created with ‘evening the playing field’ in mind.  This allows all participants to have an equal chance at earning points and winning The Ultimate Challenge!

Trophies are awarded to top Male, Female and Team

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