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What makes BoldrDash different from other mud events and obstacle courses?

– At BoldrDash we strive to create our obstacles with scalable levels so they are challenging yet achievable for everyone.
– BoldrDash has events of many different sizes and styles.
     Large Scale BoldrDash Events with 12-30 obstacles on one Course
     Fundraising Events
     College and School Events
     Corporate Wellness Challenges
     Team Building Events
and more!
– BoldrDash does not use “Fear Factor” obstacles such as fire, barbed wire, or electrodes.
– BoldrDash is a personal challenge, as such we feel everyone is a ‘winner’.  We do offer timing at some of our events for our runners.  We do not give prizes or podium spaces for fastest times.

Do you monitor for obstacle completion and/or use penalties?

Our courses are monitored for safety, we do not monitor for completion of obstacles.  We can offer participants ‘alternatives’ to obstacles that they do not complete.

Do you offer Elite Waves?

Our Elite runners participate in the first wave of the day.  The first wave of the day is for anyone wanting to get on the course and challenge themselves at a faster pace with a more open field.

We encourage our elite runners to challenge themselves on the highest level of each obstacle.  We cannot guarantee all elite wave runners will complete the course in the same manner.


How do I register for BoldrDash?

Look under the EVENTS tab on the top of any page on the website and click the tab for the event you are interested in.  This is where you will find the registration link for that particular event.  You can run as an individual or on a team.

How can I make sure my team runs together?

Make sure every member of your team knows the wave time, encourage your team members to sign up early – once a wave closes we can not reopen it.  If your wave time fills before the rest of the team is registered email reg@boldrdashrace.com for assistance.  (fees may apply)

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your non-discounted registration to another runner if the wave time is open.  Closed Wave-time registrations are not transferable.  The deadline for ALL transfers is 21 days prior to the event. Transfers that take place 60 days prior to a specific event are FREE.  Any transfers after that are $25.00.  All fees are to be paid by the new registrant at the time of the switch.   If there has been a registration price increase since the original purchase, the difference may be charged at the time of transfer.  Once the transfer is complete the original registration will be canceled.  To transfer your registration please contact our registration team at reg@boldrdashrace.com. Photo ID’s and signed waivers are required on event day at the registration desk.

Can I transfer my registration to another event?

You can transfer your registration to another event within the same calendar year.  The deadline for transfer is 21 days before the date of the event you are currently registered for.  There is a $25.00 fee for the transfer.  If there has been a registration price increase since the original purchase, the difference may be charged at the time of transfer.  Email reg@boldrdashrace.com for instructions on how to transfer.

Is there any discounted registration?
(discounts can not be combined)

Adult – Military personnel and First Responders – $55.00 You MUST present a VALID PHOTO ID proving active status at the registration desk on event day as  in order to receive your runner bib and participate in the mud event.  If you do not present VALID PHOTO ID on event day you will be responsible for the full balance of race day registration pricing in order to run ($45.00).
Active Military Family Members – As a “Thank You” to you we offer up to 15% off the current registration pricing of our Adult events (not to fall below $55.00 – not valid on opening pricing).  You MUST present a VALID PHOTO ID proving active status at the registration desk on event day as  in order to receive your runner bib and participate in the mud event.  If you do not present VALID PHOTO ID on event day you will be responsible for the full balance of race day registration pricing in order to run.
Email reg@boldrdashrace.com for more info on current family discount. NO REFUNDS NO TRANSFERS – (multiple discounts can not be combined)
Full- Time College Student Registration – $55.00  You MUST be a full-time college student and present a VALID COLLEGE PHOTO ID at the registration desk on event day in order to receive your runner bib and participate in the mud event.  If you do not present VALID COLLEGE PHOTO ID on event day you will be responsible for the full balance of race day registration pricing in order to run ($45.00).  NO REFUNDS NO TRANSFERS – (multiple discounts can not be combined)

Team Discounts available – See Group Discount page for more details

What do I get with my registration?

Every registrant gets a t-shirt
All finishers get a medal at the finish line
See the individual event(s) page for more info

Can I run the course twice in the same day?

You may have the opportunity to run in a second wave on your event day depending on availability.  There will be a $15.00 charge.  This will be considered a new registration, therefore you will be given a new bib.  Ask for more information at the registration area on event day.

If you are not registered in a wave you should not be on the course. Medical personnel, staff, volunteers and event venue employees expect us to adhere to specific guidelines.  We ask that everyone respect those guidelines.

How old do I have to be to run BoldrDash?

BoldrDash events are open to anyone over the age of 13. Participants under 18 years of age run in the later waves of the day for safety reasons.

Check out BoldrDash KIDS Events for ages 3-12!

Can I get a refund?

All participants have 24 hours from the time of purchase to request a full refund for any reason.  No refunds will be granted 24 hours after registration.  Credit Card processing Fees can not be refunded.

Can I change my wave time?

Once you register there is no guarantee you can change your wave, so choose wisely. If a change is granted there may be a fee attached.


How do I volunteer for a BoldrDash Event?

BoldrDash needs volunteers to help build the obstacles, prepare the course, and help out on event day. Without our volunteers there wouldn’t be a BoldrDash.  Interested in joining the team?  Check out our Volunteer Page.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I volunteer?

All volunteers need to present their waiver of liability and a photo ID at check-in.  A water bottle is suggested.  Meal(s) are provided by BoldrDash for full day volunteers, but it is always a good idea to bring a snack.

What do I get as a volunteer?

– Free Parking
– Free entry to the Rockin After-Party Festival
– Free or reduced event entry
– Free volunteer t-shirt
– Free meal for full day volunteers
For details check out the volunteer page


What time do I need to arrive for my wave?

Arrive at the parking area at least 1 1/2 hours before your wave starts.  Some of our events use busing to get you to the event.  If busing provided it will be announced.

What should I bring to BoldrDash on event day?

– Photo ID
– Cash
– A change of clothes and a towel
– A gallon of water to rinse off – unless you would like to bask in your muddy glory all day.
– Bug spray
– Sunscreen
– Any ointments you choose for natural plants (IE poison ivy, poison oak – although we do try to clear areas we are using for the course, we do try to respect the land and mother nature; it will not be totally clear of natural greenery)
– A good attitude

The type of footwear you choose for the most part is up to you, however, there are NO CLEATS allowed on the course.

Where do I check in on Event Day?

There will be signage indicating the registration area.  Runners will receive an informational packet via email approximately 3-5 days before the event with specific Event Day Information.

Will there be a spot to leave my belongings?

A bag check or key check area is available for runners and volunteers only. We are not responsible for lost/stolen items.  Be sure to check the event page for details regarding possible charges/fees.

Will there be water stations on the course?

Yes, there will be two water stations on the course and one for runners at the finish line.

Will there be trained medical personnel at the race?

Yes, there will be medical personnel on the course.

What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

BoldrDash is about personal challenge, so we encourage all participants to at least attempt each obstacle. If you find that you are unable complete that obstacle, you may be given an alternate task by the event official(s) at the obstacle.

Will we be timed?

For your convenience most of or events are timed.  Keep in mind that BoldrDash is about being Bold and Boldly Overcoming Limitations with Determination; our focus is about completing the event and challenging yourself at your level on the obstacles.  We do not give prizes for placement.

Is BoldrDash safe?

We want everyone to be safe and avoid injury. Obstacles are set in a manner to provide a challenging course in the safest manner possible.  All runners and spectators will be required to sign a waiver before entering the course and/or designated spectator areas. No one should be on the course at any time without proper signed waiver(s). The nature of the course is such that there is a potential for injury. There are, of course, natural environmental hazards such as very uneven terrain, insects, rocks, plant-life etc. to be considered.

What if I am not ready to run, but I want to volunteer or be a spectator?

We have tons of volunteer opportunities and we NEED YOU! Please visit our volunteer page  for more information.

Spectators can enjoy the after-party at the event and in most cases there will be spectator areas on the course itself. Spectator fees will be explained on the individual event pages as the details are nailed down.

Will the event take place if the weather is bad?

If it is safe…Yes! The rain would just make more mud.


What are the ages for BoldrDash Kids and Family Waves?

Ages 3-12 are welcome on the course.  An adult must be present on the course with the child registrant.

What do we get?

Although things may vary from event to event –
Generally, Each Child receives a BoldrDash Kids and Family T-shirt and a BoldrDash Kids Course Medal.
Adults can purchase a T-shirt during registration or on event day (event day subject to availability)

What if my child wants the Full-Course medal?

If we have Extra Medals we will have them available for purchase at the Merchandise Tent on Event Day.

How long is the course

Kids and Family Courses tent to be between 1-1.5 miles in length

What are the obstacles like?

The Kids and Family Course generally runs along a section of the adult course, therefor many of the obstacles are the same ones the adults use.  Alternate obstacles are placed on the course where needed for safety.

Can my child do the Adult Obstacle instead of the Kids Option?

If there is a Kids option for an obstacle the kids and Family participants must use that option.  Our obstacles are build with all ages in mind.  All parents and/or adults running on the course who registered in the Kids and Family wave must also use the Kids and Family obstacle Option.

BoldrDash Kids and Family Waves are an incredible way to spend the day together!  Please check the individual Event Page for more information.


What organizations and charities does BoldrDash support?

BoldrDash supports local.  It is very important to Lynn Hall, President of BoldrDash to ‘give back’.  Our unique business model invites local charities to partner with us and earn money for their organization, in exchange for fielding event volunteers and participating in pre-event co-marketing and advertising.
Listed below are just a few of the organizations we have partnered with over the years:

The Pathways Strategic Teaching Center
J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center
Misquamicut “Bring Back the Beach” Foundation
Little Heroes Fund
Meeting Street
Find Your Bold
Local school and sport programs
Collegiate club sports

Our partnerships go further then a simple donation. We are committed to the mission statements of our non-profit partners.  Look for representatives from some of these organizations as volunteers on event day!
If your organization is interested in becoming a benefactor check out BoldrDash Cares  or email info@boldrdashrace.com for more information.

Did we miss anything?  email info@boldrdashrace.com

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