About Us

Our Founding and Purpose

BoldrDash is organized to help support local charities and organizations, with a focus on families and kids. Our unique business model invites local charities to partner with us and earn money for their organization, in exchange for fielding event volunteers and participating in pre-event co-marketing and advertising.

In 2011 and 2012, BoldrDash helped North Kingstown Schools buy new uniforms for the middle and high school basketball and soccer teams, as well as continue busing for student-athletes to games. BoldrDash has also supported the Pathways Strategic Teaching Center, a division of the Trudeau Center, and South Kingstown Cares.

In 2013, BoldrDash committed to helping Southern RI recover from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. We are partnering with the greater Westerly-Pawcatuck Area Chamber of Commerce to help Misquamicut Beach recover and “Bring Back the Beach” with the launch of the BoldrDash Beach Race.

In 2014 BoldrDash partnered again with the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center and Pathways Strategic Teaching Center for our mud event.  For our Beach event we partnered with a new non-profit to us, The Little Heroes Fund.

In 2015 BoldrDash in addition to continued to partnership with established local non-profit agencies like Pathways Strategic Teaching Center and Trudeau Center, Find Your Bold was founded by BoldrDash President, Lynn Hall.  FYBold is a non-profit organization committed to increasing self-esteem and self-worth of individuals through physical activity and human interaction.

The 2016 year promises to be one of our biggest yet!  Our first Not-for-Profit event was held on March 5, 2016.  Winter Dash was a smaller event and all proceeds benefitted the Find Your Bold Organization.  New partnerships are forming with new and established non-profits are benefitting from our BoldrDash on-the-go style fundraisers.  If your school or organization would like to partner with BoldrDash and Find Your Bold to bring an active, engaging and fun fundraising event to your location email us at info@boldrdashrace.com

Our partnerships go further then a simple donation. We are committed to the mission statements of our non-profit partners.  In 2014 BoldrDash employees began working along side consumers from the Trudeau Center working on event prep and merchandise management.   Consumers also come to the Mud event as volunteers and participants.  We believe that all individuals deserve dignity and respect.  Offering opportunities for consumers to work outside of the Trudeau workshop/day center is just one of those ways BoldrDash stands along side our partners.  This practice continues today

Our 2017 Season could not have been more successful!  Our events grew as did our partnership with Find Your Bold.  BoldrDash supported a Find Your Bold team at each of our events this season and it’s biggest team to date in September, at the Rocky Point Event.  Our partnership with the Find Your Bold Organization has grown in 2017, and plans for continued growth and support have already begun.

Since 2017, our charitable focus has continued to be on the Find Your Bold Organization.  In addition we have partnered with multiple organizations, building

If you are interested in becoming a charitable partner, please contact lynn@boldrdashrace.com for more information.

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