August Challenge - BoldrDash

boldrdash bootcamp

August Challenge

Two days – two challenges

 the challenge

The Challenge will take place on the All New BoldrDash Short Course – a 1.2 obstacle heavy mile course.  

Single Lap Format – Run the loop one time – complete each obstacle in order as you go.
Multi Lap Format – Complete obstacle number one…Run the loop – Continue until all obstacles have been completed.  (approximately 1.25 miles in total laps)

Course is Open for Practice at Bootcamp every Sunday

Challenge Weekend – August 29/30 – $25.00per person


Heavy Carry
Traverse Wall
Tire Climb
Peg Board
Monkey Bars
Traverse Pipe
Traverse Ropes
Rope Climb
Floating Walls
Rope Ladder
Balance Beam
Warped Wall

and more

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(401) 374-1353


Will you Earn the BOLDR


Looking for an even Bigger Challenge – Can you conquer the Bermuda Triangle?

5 Obstacles in one – Never let your feet touch the ground


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