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Ed Cicione

As a participant in prior races, I instantly became interested when hearing of the BoldrDash race which took place last August. In looking back on the race, I have to admit that I was impressed by the entire event. The participants were very friendly and all demonstrated a great deal of camaraderie towards one another.

On a personal note, there were many thoughts going through my mind while waiting for the heat to begin. Since I knew I would be carrying a bolder while running, I knew it was best if I began the race closest to the start line so that I could chose the right size bolder. As the race progressed, we had to drop the boulders and run knees high through tires. The next challenge consisted of running through pond water where ropes were placed to guide yourself along. My thought process was its water so I will swim across! Following swimming, I had to run through mud and hope my shoes would stay on my feet. Next, I was running through woods and up a hill when the obstacle changed to a potato sack race, which definitely brought out the child in me.

The race quickly became tougher as I had to climb an eight foot wall and then a ten foot wall. At this point in the race, participants did a great job helping each other out, as not everyone could make it over without a helping hand. I was grateful to receive a boost over the wall and I retaliated by walking around and lending a hand to a fellow racer. Further ahead was a 15 feet high cargo net which I had to climb over. Then I did some rock climbing, flowed by a clime up a slippery slope that leads into another mud pit and a military man yelling at us, provoking me to move on. I then had to test my balance across some up and downhill balance beams. The final and by far the most fun of the obstacles was the giant downhill slip and slide. In order to reach the finish line I had to crawl in the sand and under wire which was difficult seeing that I was wet from the slide.

The Bold R Dash Race was by far one of the most fun and challenging races I have taken part of. I would without a doubt recommend others to participate in this race, and I would repeat the course just to try the slip and slide again!

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