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Meet the Find Your Bold Team

BoldrDash Events proudly sponsors a portion of the registration for each athlete on the Find Your Bold Team as well as a portion of the partner’s registration.  Each runner will have 1-2 partners running along with them for the full length of the course.  If you would like to sponsor an athlete and/or a partner click the link at the bottom of the page for the sponsorship form or email  for more info.  At this time Find Your Bold Team is planning to run at 11:20am on Saturday March 4, 2017 at The Find Your Bold OCR Fundraising Event BoldrDash WinterDash and 11:30am at the BoldrDash at Rocky Point event.


Below are a few of our past members.  Please come back soon and re-visit this page for updates and New Testimonials from our runners, sponsors and partners!

Meet David Boucher
David Boucher

David is 33 years old.
This will be his second BoldrDash in the Mud event.  He loves hanging out, sports, music and watching movies.  When asked why he is doing BoldrDash David answered, “I am strong and I think I could do the obstacles.  I’ll do my best”.

Meet Nina Lacasse
Nina after the mud

Nina is 38 years old.
Nina loves coffee and shopping!  She enjoys playing with her nephews and using her kindle to do different activities.  She enjoys being involved with Special Olympics and just about anything!  In 2014 Nina did her first BoldrDash.  She feels doing BoldrDash gives her a feeling of accomplishment and doing things ‘on her own’ is something that she takes pride in.  She is always looking to try new things and challenge herself.  She was extremely proud last year about doing the obstacles at the family event on her own.  Nina loves helping others and volunteering.

Meet Bailey Long
Bailey Long
Bailey is 31 years old
She loves to spend time with friends and Gizzy, her cat.  She is active in sports including basketball, soccer, running, volleyball, softball, biking and bowling.  She loves to draw and has designed the All Abilitites Team t-shirts for the past two years.

In 2015 Bailey will be doing her third BoldrDash in the Mud event.  When asked, “Why do you do BoldrDash?” Bailey says with a smile, “Because it’s fun and I like getting in cold mud!”  Bailey attends Sunday BoldrDash Bootcamps at Yawgoo Valley often during the summer to prepare her for the event.

Meet Andrew Palumbo
Andrew Palumbo
Andrew is 33 years old
He loves sports, hanging out with friends, the beach, and swimming.  In 2015 Andrew will be doing his second BoldrDash in the Mud event.  When asked “Why do you do BoldrDash?” Andews says,  “I love to run and it’s a lot of fun.  It helps me to challenge myself.”

Meet Bill Guy

Bill is 31 years old

He loves playing pool and darts with friends.  He enjoys comedy and has even performed on stage.    Bill competes in snowboarding, Unified Golf, and Unified Softball.  When asked, “Why do you do BoldrDash?” Bill answered, “To push myself to my full potential and beyond”.
This fall Bill will be doing his second BoldrDash in the Mud (his third BoldrDash event – earlier this year Bill volunteer at and completed BoldrDash on the Beach).


Interested in running on the Find Your Bold Team?  prior to registering, and to ensure proper placement on the team email .   From there registering is simple.  

If you are interested in Sponsoring an athlete and/or being a partner for the Find Your Bold Team email

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