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Group Discounts

Have you or your friends ever wondered just how bold you really are?  Do you belong to a gym or exercise group that loves to get physical?
Does your employer encourage team building and physical activity outside of the work place?


beach team balls are us

BoldrDashers are Brave. BoldrDash events are the perfect occasion for you and your friends to inspire each other to #beBrave and find your bold together!

BoldrDashers are Strong. It’s time to gather your friends, your family, your coworkers, and teammates and motivate, influence, and encourage one another to #beStrong and find your bold.

BoldrDashers are Bold. They push themselves on and off the course and encourage others to #beBold with them.

Come together and create your team for the most exciting event in Rhode Island!

  • 60+ team members = up to $15.00 off Registration**
  • 40-59 team members = up to $10.00 off Registration**
  • 20-39 team members = up to $7.50 off Registration**
    * Final Group discount will not fall below opening price point for event.
    ** Coupons and other discount offers can not be combined.

Claiming your discount:

  1. Purchase your registration
  2. All members must choose the team at the time of initial registration, members can not be added to the team after individual registration process has been completed.
  3. Email at least 30 days out from the event to set up the team for reimbursement.
  4. Within 30 days of the event, all those who participated in the event will receive a appropriate refund of your discount from registration.

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