BoldrDash KIDS and Family – August 9, 2015

Race Details

160 yawgoo valley road, Exeter RI 02822
Sunday, August 09, 2015 10:30am-2:00pm

Event day registration for web

Remember to bring a jug of water to use for rinsing – there will be mud.
email info@boldrdashrace.com with any questions regarding event day

BoldrDash Kids
Where Kids get to play like the Adults!

Outing will be held from approximately 9:30am – 2:00pm.

Print Kids and Family Event Waiver

BoldrDash Kids Waves are where kids get to play like the adults and enjoy many of the same obstacles you see on our adult courses (sized down appropriately)
BoldrDash Family Waves are interactive for the whole family!  Kids and parents take part in the obstacle fun – challenge themselves and/or each other along the way.  Our obstacles are designed for kids but build tough enough for adults!
On-line Registration for Outing includes:
BoldrDash Kids and Family Course – (must be enjoyed after your time in the slides is through for the day)
1 Hour of Yawgoo Valley Water Slides – (can not return to slides after getting muddy)
Games – (Lifesize Checkers, Live Tic-Tac-Toe, Bean Toss games, Volley Ball)
Hamburger, chips and drink

$40.00 – One Child
$75.00 – Two Children
$110.00 – Three Children
140.00 – Four Children
Adults participation in the Family Wave – $10.00 ea


BoldrDash Kids COURSE ONLY
(Prices reflect NO WATER SLIDES AND NO LUNCH included)
$27.00 – One Child
$50.00 – Two Children
$70.00 – Three Children
$85.00 – Four Children

11:10AM – 3-8 years old WITH ADULT  —  9:30 slide time/10:40 lunch
11:20AM – FAMILY WAVE —  9:45 slide time/10:50 lunch
11:40AM – 9-13 years old — 10:00 slide time/11:10 lunch
11:50AM – 9-13 years old– 10:00 slide time/11:10 lunch
12:00PM – FAMILY WAVE– 10:15 slide time/11:25 lunch
12:20PM – 3-8 years old WITH ADULT– 10:15 slide time/11:25 lunch
12:30PM – 9-13 years old– 10:30 slide time/11:45 lunch
12:40PM – FAMILY WAVE– 11:00 slide time/12:15 lunch
1:00PM – FAMILY WAVE — 11:15 slide time/12:30 lunch
1:20PM – FAMILY WAVE — 11:30 slide time/12:45 lunch
Not enough playtime?  –  NO PROBLEM!  Additional BoldrDash laps can be purchased on outing day (dependent on availability).

Adult (Family Wave – Course only) – $10.00
Adult (Family Wave – Course & slides) – $25.00
Parking – $5.00
Water Slide only – (TBA)
Course Lap(s) only –  (TBA)
Outing area only – (TBA)

Kids and Family Waiver 2015

Just like mom and dad  – BoldrDash Kids can now experience the thrill and adventure that BoldrDash is know for.   When they’re through they’ll be having so much fun you won’t be able to scrape the smiles from their faces

All Kid finishers will receive a super cool BoldrDash Medal (doubles as a key chain for back packs!) and an Outing T-shirt.

Ages 3-8 will  run a .50 – .75 mile course with a minimum of 5-8 obstacles along the route.  (must run with an adult for safety)  Kids ages 9-13 will run a 1 mile – 1.5 mile course with at least 9-12 obstacles.

Family waves will enjoy participating in the full course with additional millage and  3-5 additional obstacles.


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