BoldrDash – Scarborough State Beach, Narragansett RI – May 3, 2014

Race Details

910-916 Ocean Road, Narragansett, RI 02882, USA
Saturday, May 03, 2014 9:00am-3:00pm

BoldrDash on the Beach is BACK! This year we even added a kids event. The 2014 beach event will be held at Scarborough State Beach in Narragansett, RI. BoldrDash is famous for it’s unique scalable obstacles. From elite to beginner this is the race for everyone, challenge yourself at your level of fitness. A great time for all and a great challenge for any athlete. Come and partake in this incredible experience. With over 20 obstacles on and off the beach, you’ll be smiling so much they’ll have to scrape the sand from your teeth!

What will the course be like? Well, it’s a beach – what do you think we’ll be doing? There will be lots of running in the sand and some running on Black Point trail, and possibly even scaling the rocks along the shore. With this kind of terrain, anything can happen! As always we strive to build as many obstacles as we can fit. The goal is 28! AND PARKING IS FREE!

Registration Pricing:

Opening Registration – $66.00
Registration Change – 12/15/14 – $71.00
Registration Change – 2/1/ 14 – $76.00
Registration Change – 3/15/14 – $81.00  (register by April 11, for free t-shirt)
Registration Change – 4/5/14 – $86.00



The countdown has begun! We’re less than a month away from our Beach Event! If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time. If  you have registered, there’s still time to get your friends, family, co-workers, roommates, aunts, uncles, distant cousins, ANYONE involved! Spread the word of BoldrDash loud and proud. Waves are continuing to fill up quickly so take action soon!

All wave times are limited to 100 runners for safety, to avoid back ups at obstacles and to preserve/protect the beach. Monitors will be at start line to ensure runners are in the appropriate wave time.

Wave Availability -

9:20AM –   SOLD OUT!
9:40AM –   SOLD OUT!
10:00AM – SOLD OUT!
10:10AM – SOLD OUT!

10:20AM – SOLD OUT!
10:40AM - SOLD OUT!
11:00AM – SOLD OUT!
11:20AM – SOLD OUT!
12:00PM – SOLD OUT!

Registration Closes April 20, 2014 


Kids Race Cover

Don’t forget this year we have BoldrDash Kids on the Beach!

Just click on the photo for the Kids on the Beach Event page. 




Race Day

Parking – FREE

Parking for the Scarborough State Beach Event is FREE!!!  Yes, FREE!!  The state beach lot will be open for all spectators and participants.

Key Check – $5.00

Parking lots are within walking distance from the beach/course area. We will accept keys and ID only from racers for safe keeping for a $5 fee. You must show ID and race bib to check in keys. All bags are the sole responsibility of the racer.


*You MUST HAVE PHOTO ID in order to participate  on event day *

In order to keep registration moving please print and sign your waiver before you arrive. If you are under 18 years of age you need a parent or legal guardian present on event day to sign the waiver. Minors will not be allowed on the adult or children’s course without a parent or guardian present. Waivers will be available online soon.
*Racers will be checked in by bib number.
*Racers will be allowed into the starting area according to wave time.
*Start line personnel will be checking wave-time bracelets to lessen over crowding, back ups, and to reduce the impact on the environment along the course.
*If you are unable to participate on event day for any reason, as stated clearly on the website during the registration process and on your confirmation e-mail, there are no refunds, there are no transfers for any reason.

Sharpie Station

All racers will have their bib number written on their right arm and left leg.

Race Waves

Elite Wave begins at 9:00am
Waves of 75-100 racers, starting with our elite wave at 9:00am, will go out every 20 minutes. We are keeping the numbers of the waves small to avoid backups and to minimize the impact of our race on the environment. The last official wave of the day will be going out at 12:00pm. At 12:30 our fabulous volunteers, who have worked all day to insure the safety and success of our event, will take on the course.

Spectator Fee – FREE

The State Beach is open to the public. This means you can view the enjoy the course even if you are not participating in the event. Please respect the safety of our racers and other spectators by standing clear of the race course.

Pursuant to the laws of the state of RI

16.10 Dogs on State Management Areas allowed only under the following rules:No dogs shall be trained, run, or exercised or be permitted to run at large on state management areas from March 15thto August 15th, inclusive, without written permission of the Division of Fish and
Wildlife, except as otherwise provided in these regulations.

13.1 No person shall possess, drink, sell or offer for sale any alcoholic beverages
except as follows: Permission may be requested from the Director of the Department of Environmental Management or his or her authorized representative to consume, serve, sell or offer for sale alcoholic beverages at events held at Fort Adams State Park, and at the Annual Oktoberfest Celebration held at World War II State Park. Requests shall be submitted in writing to the Director, or his/her authorized representative sixty (60) days in advance of the proposed date for the event. Permission may be given at the Director’s discretion only as a part of a form license agreement between the State of Rhode Island and the entity requesting permission. If granted, permission shall apply only to areas and times designated by the Director at his/her discretion and specified in the license. The Director may impose additional restrictions which he or she deems necessary.

After The Race


After Party

Please join us on the grass after the race for great food, entertainment and post race fun. The Scarborough State Beach concession stand will be open!

Activities include:

  • Wow! FaceArt by Toni Andersen
  • Music by 90.7 WXIN Rhode Island College Radio
  • Local vendors
  • Clam cakes and chowdah

REMINDER: Scarborough is on state property – alcohol is strictly prohibited. Local/state authorities will be present to enforce this law.


WXIN radio logo colorToni anderson wow facepaint color



What’s next?

We are happy to announce that following our post-race party we will be having a separate after party location at The BonVue Inn! BonVue is just down the street from Scarborough Beach and thanks to Narragansett Beer Company and The Hammerhead Grill, each racer (21+) will receive a free Narragansett Summer Ale. The Hammerhead Grill is also providing free light snacks, and a cash bar for all. The kitchen is open, so bring the whole family  come on down and enjoy the party with us, who can say no to a free ‘Gansett beer?

  • Get your FREE Narragansett Summer Ale (21+)
  • Light snacks provided for all
  • Hungry for dinner? The Hammerhead Grill kitchen is open

                                narragansett beer color finalbonvue:hammerheadgrill