581828_10201395340556847_1292968394_nSo as I sit here after a VERY full day of packing the BoldrDash warehouse – my legs are aching, arms are burning and my mind is wandering…. hmmm what can I do with all that ‘extra’ wood.  A quick meeting with my fabulous builder and we already have three new obstacles to design.  It’s amazing to see what it all looks like when everything is broken down,  Just piles of wood, and bolts, and tires, and tires and tires and cargo nets and… did I mention tires.  It’s pretty overwhelming at first to think, “how am I going to get this all set up again?”  Then the memories come flooding back. All the wonderful people I meet each year as we build.  The great friendships I form during bootcamps.  Even more important – are the relationships and memories all the racers and volunteers form on race day.  Even as I write this I am energized by it.

This year, again, I made my own memories.  In September, I ran the race with my sister and one of my oldest friends.  I couldn’t believe how much fun we had.  We laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  I found myself quoting racers who had raced before me.  “Another freiken wall.  Are you kidding me?!”  It actually took us almost two hours to run the course.  We stopped to talk to people along the way.  Helped anyone we saw (then watched them as they disappeared ahead of us).  I inspected the terrain and a few obstacles along the way; thinking to myself, “How can we change this next year?”  and “What can we do to make this harder next time?”  I had to be careful not to say that one out loud, or my sister might have inflicted serious harm!  We chatted with the volunteers.  And what volunteers we had this year.  The National Guardsman at the 10 foot wall who spent two days lifting people up and over.  I heard him again and again “Pushups if you go over the easy side, or I can help you over here”  The folks stationed on the the slanted wall, “Nobody goes around my wall. Everyone goes over, come on now, we’ll help”.  I think we spent about 10 minutes there just chatting with those incredible people.  I had the time of my life.  I crossed the finish line with my sister and later someone sent us a photo.  It wasn’t a great photo, not something you’d frame.  It was a little blurry, kind of far away but I still smile when I think of it.  That photo says it all – sisters, we did it together and that made it so much better.

So now it’s time to pack it all way, stack the wood, pile the tires, tuck the boulders in the corner, make sure all the nuts and bolts are in their proper containers.  The materials go to ‘bed’ for the winter, but I can promise you, my memories will stay with me forever.  Thanks BoldrDash!