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The New Team on the Block

Each year BoldrDash athletes have managed to produce teams with some of the wittiest and quirkiest names you will encounter from Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers to Balls R Us to The Goal Diggers. Others, like Webber Strong, Muddin for Moretti and Arpin Strong have formed teams to honor a lost loved one or to fight for a cause they care for deeply.

In 2015 BoldrDash was proud to announce a new team on the block.  Lead by Team Ambassador, Bill Guy, The All Abilities Team [Update – Team name is now Find Your Bold Team and is supported by The Find Your Bold Organization, a 501c3 organization that supports people as they overcome manmade obstacles that symbolize internal and external struggles in every day life.] will encapsulate the true meaning of the word team, not only by their uniforms, but through their actions on and off the course.  The team plans to be support one-another on and off the course. “Our team is going to be like a family,  close-knit and we don’t leave anyone behind, like the military I guess, and we are definitely going to make sure that we strive to point that out to people…” exemplified Bill.

It is not his epilepsy that separates him from your average person, it’s his inability to put his needs in front of the needs of others.  Bill devotes his life to helping people overcome limits that they have set for themselves. “…Just because you have a disability or you don’t have a disability doesn’t mean that you have any particular limits on your own life. The only limits that you have are the ones that you set for yourself; the ones that you set in your mind. If you can break past those, then you can break past anything,” says Bill.

According to Bill there are no limits to life.  He plans to show his All Abilities Teammates how to live by the BoldrDash motto  – Boldly Overcoming Limitations with Determination.  Bill recalls his first adventure at BoldrDash in 2014 “…I did not think I was going to be able to do half those obstacles. But then when I got to each obstacle I was not going to let myself down, I was not going to pass one up. I did each obstacle, I helped people over the walls, and I climbed cargo nets. The slip n’ slide was the best one.”

BoldrDash Events have supported Special Olympics of Rhode Island for the past three years by offering an adaptive course at Olympic Town during the SORI State Games.  President, Lynn Hall, was introduced to Bill for the first time in 2013 and was immediately attracted to his sense of humor and tenacity.   Bill has represented our entire nation as a snowboarder in the Special Olympics World Winter Pre-Games.  He fell short of the Gold medal to only two countries!  In 2014 he brought that tenacity and sense of humor to BoldrDash in the Mud.

After being posed the question, what made you sign up for last years’ BoldrDash event? Bill responded, “My pride. I don’t know if you know Marnie Webster She’s a friend of Lynn Hall’s [a valued member of the BoldrDash Family since the onset] She challenged me to do BoldrDash in front of my girlfriend. I had no clue what it was at the time, but I wasn’t going to back down from a challenge in front of my girlfriend so I’m like, Yeah… sure… why not? I went home, looked it up and was like – crap!  There was no way I could back out of it now because I committed and said, ‘yes’ in front of my girlfriend.”

When asked who was eligible to join Bill proudly stated, “ Everyone and anyone! We are looking for people of all different abilities. We’re hoping to pair a person with a disability and a person without a disability up together as teammates on the team, sort of a buddy system.”

When asked why someone should join the All Abilities Team Bill answered, “Each person is going to have their own reason to tell you why they think you should join [the All Abilities Team]. Because you’ll meet great people, you’ll be able to see your full potential, you’ll be able to see the potential of others that you wouldn’t expect to see. You’ll be able to learn so much about whoever you are paired up with that you would never even think they were capable of… but really what it boils down to is how you feel. …our team is going to be like a family. We are so close-knit and we don’t leave anyone behind.”

What are you waiting for!? Join Bill and the Find Your Bold Team today!  For more information on the Find Your Bold Team check out our facebook page or email

Bill Guy

Bill Guy – pictured here before competing in BoldrDash in the Mud 2014

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